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Loose Parts

What are loose parts?

Loose parts are open to a child’s interpretation and creative thinking! A loose part can become anything! Loose parts can be thought of as the way for children of all ages to unlock the

cognitive and creative mindset that allows them to build, deconstruct, persist, create, and work together to unleash the power of creativity that we all contain.


“As long as materials can be moved, redesigned, put together, and taken apart in a variety of ways, they are classified as loose parts.” Simon Nicholson, 1971 Founder of the idea of Loose Parts

What are the benefits?


Loose parts offer children infinite play opportunities influencing them in ever changing ways. The immense benefits of offering loose parts exploration is critical to development of the next

generation. Loose parts allow children to do the thinking instead of the manufactured toy that has set directions. This is beneficial because it reaches such a deep cognitive level of thinking,

problem solving, and persisting. “The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.”


The seven types of loose parts are: -Nature Based -Wood Reuse -Plastic -Metal Ceramic/Glass -Fabric/Ribbon -Packaging


We would like to take these recycled loose parts and utilize them in our classrooms here at Zac’s. Getting them from families not only keeps them out of our landfills for a little bit longer but also

consistently enriches our programs at all levels.


If you are unsure if something might be safe we encourage you to please have a conversation with your child’s educators.


Here are just some of the endless results of loose parts! They can be utilized in every part of learning!


If you would like more information about loose parts and how you can get started at home please ask too!!  – All this great information is from the Loose Parts Start Up Guide